In Illinois, Taxation Without Reformation

From Real Clear Politics - July 7, 2017

Illinois long budget impasse seems to be coming to an anticlimax, with at best a fiscal plan that scarcely addresses the states massive problems. Frustration runs so high over the failure to come up with a fix to the states deep woes that several legislators have now simply resigned. Senate Republican leader Christine Radogno announced her retirement by observing, Ive really tried hard. Its time for someone else to take the reins. Meanwhile, Chad Hayes, the assistant minority leader in the Illinois House of Representatives, said that he wouldnt run for reelection because reformist legislators are increasingly silenced and dwarfed by monied bullies who end run around Democracy. The editorial board of theChicago Tribunegreetedthese moves with a call for more resignations, specifically from the Democratic leader of the House,Speaker Mike Madigan, and Senate President John Cullerton, whose combined 86 years of legislative experience implicate them in the origins of Illinois long fiscal debacle.

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