Some residents couldn't hear alarms in deadly Honolulu apartment fire

Some residents couldn't hear alarms in deadly Honolulu apartment fire
From Global News - July 17, 2017

HONOLULUAs flames raged through a Honolulu high-rise building, killing three people and injuring a dozen others, some residents didnt even realize a blaze had broken out until they opened their doors or saw firefighters racing to battle the inferno.

Several Marco Polo high-rise residents told The Associated Press the sirens are located in the hallways and they had trouble hearing them when the blaze started. There were also no flashing alarm lights or public announcements about the deadly fire, they said.

Britt Reller was in the shower when the fire started and didnt realize the building was ablaze until smoke began billowing through his apartment, his brother said. He rushed out to try to save his 85-year-old mother, but he couldnt reach her and sought refuge from the smoke and flames under a bed.

His brother, a local pastor, was on the phone with Reller at the time. He never heard from him again, and police later told him that both Reller and his mother, Melba Jeannine Dilley, were among those killed.

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He said the smoke was very, very thick, and I heard him calling for my mother and then the phone went dead, Reller said. I drove about 12 miles from my office to his apartment and then I just had to watch from outside. Im still in shock. It is just surreal.

Joanna Kuwata, 71, who was single and lived alone on the 26th floor of the building, was also killed in the fire, her sister told The Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Jayne Matsuyama said her sisters apartment was not damaged by fire, and she suspects she died of smoke inhalation.

Fire officials have not released any information about a possible cause for the blaze. A fire department spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for additional information on Sunday.

It didnt sound quite like a normal traditional fire alarm, said Air Force cyber technician Cory La Roe, who didnt know the building had no sprinklers when he moved in in May.

LaRoe, who is from Florida but living in Hawaii while serving in the military, said there were no announcements or flashing lights when the fire broke out.

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I just heard a loud ringing, which is what caused me to look outside. I actually thought it was something from the street that was making the noise. After I saw people running out and went out the hallway myself, thats when I knew it was a fire alarm going off.

Gordon Kihune, who has lived in the building for about 12 years, said he hasnt seen any fire extinguishers or hoses in the building that he can remember. He didnt hear the alarms going off when the fire broke out, Kihune said.

He said he only recognized the fact that there was something wrong when I saw the firetrucks pull up, and then I poked my head out, then I could hear the alarm.

Kihune said he has a bit of a hearing problem with high-pitched sounds. But because the alarm is in the hallway and not close to his apartment, he could not hear it, he said.

For people that have that disability, it could be a reason for not hearing it, Kihune said.


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