Rashan Charles 'did not swallow a controlled substance'

Rashan Charles 'did not swallow a controlled substance'
From Al Jazeera - August 2, 2017

A young black father who died after being apprehended by police in an east London shop did not swallow a controlled substance before his death, according to a UK police watchdog.

Rashan Charles, 20, died in a London hospital on July 22, shortly after he was tackled to the floor and apprehended by a white officer in a small grocery shop.

The police claimed that Charles died after an officer fought to stop him from swallowing an object, presumed to be drugs.

However, a statement on Wednesday by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) on forensic anaylsis results found that an object removed from Charles' airway by parademics "did not contain a controlled substance".

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The IPCC did not state what the item was but said it was awaiting the preliminary results of a post-mortem examination, which was carried out on Monday.

The IPCC's said that the investigation into the death is "ongoing and making good progress".

"Our independent investigation is thoroughly examining all aspects of police interaction with Rashan prior to his death and has already undertaken a large number of investigative actions," stated the IPCC.

Following our meeting with the family of Rashan Charles we have released an update on our investigation

IPCC (@IPCCNews) August 2, 2017

The moment Charles was restrained was caught on CCTV camera and has been shared widely on social media.

CCTV showed Charles entering a shop pursued by a uniformed police officer, after which there was a struggle. A member of the public joined that officer in forcefully pinning Charles to the floor.

In the footage, Charles appeared to put his hand to his mouth and became ill shortly after.A police medic provided first aid at the scene but he died later in hospital.

JusticeForRash (@FatalityKorzz) July 22, 2017


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