Foreign worker paralyzed in Edmonton granted permanent residency

Foreign worker paralyzed in Edmonton granted permanent residency
From Global News - August 10, 2017

Vicky Venancio vowed to nevergive up.

On Wednesday, she won her ongoing battle to stay inCanadaand was granted permanent residency.

Relieved and overwhelmed, the 31-year-old said shes over the moon.

I wanted to jump, but I cannot jump.

Venancio came from the Philippines to Edmonton as a temporary foreign worker in 2011.

Like many others, she secured at job at McDonaldsmaking enough money to support herself and send money to her family back home.

In 2012, her life drastically changed.

While biking to work, Venancio was struck by a vehicle and paralyzed. She was unable to workand faced deportation.

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Another daunting reality, Venancio was toldshed likely never walk again.

With no medical coverage, Venanciowas forced to find treatment on her own.

Her doctor worked for free and she took part in research studies at the University of Alberta to access free physiotherapy. She said staff in the clinics used her as aguinea pig butis forever grateful for the treatment.

Her will and determination proved that medical diagnosis wrong.

Withthe help of a walker, she learned to move around and live on her own.


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