Former Tory aide renews call for anti-Brexit party

From BBC - August 11, 2017

The former chief of staff to Brexit Secretary David Davis has said leaving the EU will be a "calamity for our country".

James Chapman claimed two cabinet ministers had expressed interest in a new centre party to oppose Brexit.

He also claimed that the Conservatives will struggle to win a majority again.

Pro-Brexit Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said the party was "broadly united" and most voters accepted the result of last year's referendum.

Mr Chapman is the Daily Mail's former political editor and was a senior adviser to former Chancellor George Osborne before becoming Brexit Secretary David Davis's chief of staff.

He quit the government before June's general election and now works in public relations.

In recent weeks he has launched a series of social media attacks on his former Brexit-supporting colleagues, including one message which appeared to be aimed at Boris Johnson: "Let's be honest, if we had an effective electoral law leading Brexiteers would now be in jail. #wheresmy350maweekboris."

In June, he accused Prime Minister Theresa May of taking an "absolutist" position on some aspects of Brexit policy and of having "hamstrung" his former boss Mr Davis.

He has called for a new party - called the Democrats - to oppose Brexit. Speaking to the Today programme, he claimed that the "two main parties have been captured by their fringes".

He claimed that two cabinet ministers and "a number of people who have been in Conservative cabinets before now - better cabinets, I might say, than the current one - and a number of shadow cabinet ministers have also been in touch.

"They are not saying that they are going to quit their parties but they understand that there's an enormous gap in the centre of British politics."

He added: "My view is that the Conservative Party brand has now been damaged to such an extent that the party wo not... ever again get a majority.


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