Gay tenant told he can't stay in Vancouver home

From CTV - August 11, 2017

A Vancouver renter says he was shocked after a landlord refused to allow his boyfriend to stay in his room, due to what she called her Christian values.

Caleb Pheloung says, when he agreed to rent a room in a Marpole neighbourhood home, the landlord told him hed have to pay an extra $10 per night for any overnight guests.

"It seemed like everything was fine," he told CTV Vancouver.

But when he told her he wanted to have his boyfriend stay the night, she changed her tune.

In a series of text messages, the landlordidentified only as Jennywrote "If you guys are gay I cannot allow this to happen in my house."

She added that, as a Christian, she considers homosexuality to be "against God's will."

When reached by CTV Vancouver, Jenny hung up on the reporter.


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