Migrant rescue vessel 'to aid' far-right ship in Mediterranean

From BBC - August 11, 2017

A German migrant rescue group says it is coming to the aid of a vessel of far-right activists that has run into trouble in the Mediterranean.

The Sea-Eye charity says it was asked by the Italian coastguard to assist the C-Star ship because it was in distress.

But the French-based group Gnration Identitaire (GI), which runs the C-Star, denied this, saying it had only a "minor technical problem".

GI has vowed to stop the flow of migrants from Africa to Europe.

The C-Star has faced several problems since its mission began last month. It was held up in Egypt and Cyprus and refused access to Tunisian ports.

Sea-Eye, one of the NGOs involved in search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean, said on Facebook (in German) that the C-Star was in "distress" off the Libyan coast.

GI said on Twitter that the problem, which started at night, was "about to be resolved".


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