Nebraska governor encourages Trump to not 'disrupt' relationship with Canada

Nebraska governor encourages Trump to not 'disrupt' relationship with Canada
From CBC - August 12, 2017

Nebraska Gov. PeteRicketts, the first member of the billionaire baseball family to publicly supportDonald Trump's campaign for the presidency, says he's telling the U.S. administration to not ruin the trading relationship many states like his have with Canada.

With the start of NAFTA negotiations just days away, Ricketts said trade and his state's beef industry are top topics whenever he talks to the president.

"I have talked to the administration. I have encouraged them to make sure we do not disrupt that great relationship," Ricketts told Chris Hall, host of CBC Radio's The House.

"You have got a lot of really smart people in that administration. We have communicated with them the importance of [the relationship] and I think they are going to do the right thing."

Rickettswas in Canada this week meeting with both government and business officials in Toronto and Ottawa.

Canada is Nebraska's largest export market, makingRicketts'svisit similar to when a restaurant chef greets a star table.

"One of the reasons why I am here in Canada is to thank our best customers here and let them know we appreciate the relationship and we are not taking it for granted," he said.

Still hoping for Keystone XL

Prime Minister JustinTrudeauhas said Canada wants emissions reduction measures and efforts to shift to a low-carbon economy written into the newNAFTA, butRickettssaid the issue was not raised during his trip to Canada.

"The devil is always in the details," he said.

The Nebraska governor is still hoping for confirmation of the Keystone XL expansion, which would connect Hardisty, Alta. to Steele City, Neb. with 1,900-kilometres of pipeline.

Complicated family history with Trump


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