About 200,000 contaminated eggs have been eaten, says French agriculture ministry

About 200,000 contaminated eggs have been eaten, says French agriculture ministry
From CBC - August 12, 2017

About 200,000 eggs contaminated with an insecticide have been eaten by French consumers, according to the French agriculture ministry on Friday.

The first batch of about 200,000 eggs contaminated with Fipronil imported from the Netherlands and Belgium by two different egg-product manufacturing factories have been eaten, French Minister of Agriculture and Food Stephane Travert told reporters onFriday.

He said these eggs were sold between April 16 and May 2, but added there was little harm to the health of those who ate the eggs.

Affected supermarkets are recalling the second batch of about 48,000 contaminated eggs from Belgium sold between July 19 and 28. It remains unknown how many of them have been eaten.

France's agriculture ministry confirmed on Monday that 13 batches of eggs contaminated with the insecticide have been delivered to France via five food processing factories.

Consuming of the contaminated eggs poses little potential health risks, said an evaluation report released by the French health and safety agency National Social Security Administration (ANSES) on Friday. The agency said the conclusion was reached based on factors like the toxicity of Fipronil, the low levels of contamination shown by tests and French consumers'habits.

French Ministry of Agriculture and Food is still investigating about 80 companies got involved in the scandal. The ministry is trying to track down the whereabouts of these contaminated eggs and how the chemical Fipronil ended up being used in food.

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