North Korea's nukes didn't come from Bill Clinton, even indirectly

North Korea's nukes didn't come from Bill Clinton, even indirectly
From Global News - August 12, 2017

You can see its appeal as a gotcha talking pointthat the nuclear material that North Koreas nuclear weapons program is based on was originally given to the regime for use in reactors back in the 1990s by Bill Clintons administration.

All the fuss now about North Koreawhose fault is it really, mmm?

Politifact traces how close the meme, circulating for the last two weeks or so, comes to realityin 1994, the Clinton administration offered North Korea light-water reactors, which are hard to make weapons from, in exchange for a deal in which the regime would have to agree to stop its weapons program and agree to inspections. Nothing ever came of itPyongyang didnt want to stop making nuclear weapons, and the reactors were never shipped.

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Thats the Coles Notes versionyou can read about it in more detail here.

(How did North Korea get its nuclear material, then? Its an interesting story, and has a lot to do with Pakistan.)

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Its tricky to trace the starting point of an Internet meme, but this one seems to have originated from a tweet by conservative writer Makada Duncansonon July 28, the day North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile in the general direction of Japan.

In fake news news:


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