Here are the most loved college courses

Here are the most loved college courses
From USA Today - August 11, 2017

Why does it seem at every college across the board, all students dread the idea of a general chemistry lecture and grimace at the thought of having to go through calculus? Its no coincidenceand CollegeStats has the data to prove it.

The college database website surveyed 500 undergrad and post-grad students to find out which classes they loved (and hated) the most.

The survey went beyond simply asking about how students liked courses. CollegeStats surveyed which times of day students preferred attending classes, which classes came with the most stress and time commitments, and which fields of study students enjoyed the most (or least).

And here are the results.

Top 10 Most Loved and Hated College Courses

By total number of responses

Most Loved

Most Hated

Classes With the Most Time Commitment Outside of Class

By hours per class

Least Favorite Classes With the Most Time Commitment

Best and worst classes to take in the a.m.

Best and Worst Classes to Take in the p.m.


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