Merkel rejects electric car quota pushed by German election rival

From Reuters - August 12, 2017

DORTMUND, Germany (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday rejected a proposal made by her Social Democrat rivals to introduce quotas for electric cars in Europe, arguing the implementation of such targets would prove too complicated.

Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz, Merkel's main challenger in the Sept. 24 national election, on Friday called for such a quota - both in Germany and across the European Union, saying it would encourage industry to innovate.

"I do not think that the quota for E-cars - for this technology - has been well thought out," Merkel told supporters of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the party's employers' arm in the western city of Dortmund.

"Then we would negotiate for ages in Europe. What would we do if it is not adhered to?" she added of the quota. "Could petrol engine cars no longer be bought?"

Instead, Merkel called for a bigger strategy for helping the auto industry make the transition to producing electric cars.


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