'Mortar attack kills 13 civilians' in Faryab province

'Mortar attack kills 13 civilians' in Faryab province
From Al Jazeera - August 12, 2017

At least 13 civilians, including women and children, have been killed after their house was hit by mortars during a battle in northern Faryab province, according to Afghan officials.

General Dilawer Shah Dilawer, Faryab's police chief, told the Associated Press news agency on Saturday that three other civilians were wounded after two mortars hit the house on Friday evening.

Dilawer said it was not clear whether the Taliban or Afghan security forcestargeted the house in Dawlat Abad district.

He said a delegation has been sent to the area to find out more about the attack.

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Confirming the incident, Naimatullah Tofan, Dawlat Abadpolice chief, told DPA news agency that seven members of one family, except for the father, were killed.

Faryab has witnessed an increase in violence in recent months and both sides have been accused of targeting civilians.

Taliban fighters have escalated attacks throughout the country, challenging a thinly stretched Afghan security forces to fight the ever increasing violence.

There was no immediate comment from the Taliban on the Faryab incident.

In a separate development, US forces in Afghanistan have denied allegations that they killed civilians in an air strike on a vehicle in the eastern province of Nangarhar earlier this week.


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