Muhammadu Buhari 'feels ready to go home'

Muhammadu Buhari 'feels ready to go home'
From Al Jazeera - August 12, 2017

Nigeria's president says he feels healthy enough to return home from medical leave in Britain, and is awaiting his doctor's permission.

Muhammadu Buhari, 74, has been undergoing medical treatment for an undisclosed illness since early May.

The absences and lack of information have prompted numerous protests, including demands that Buhari should resign.

"I am okay" Buhari said, according to a statement by the information ministry on Saturday.

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"I feel I could go home, but the doctors are in charge," he said.

There has been a "tremendous improvement" in his health, he said.

Photos released by the president's office show Buhari standing outdoors, smiling and wearing sunglasses while holding a large "Get well soon" card - with a handful of officials around him - in a residential area.

Further treatment


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