Annual Cariwest Festival celebrates carnival culture in Edmonton

Annual Cariwest Festival celebrates carnival culture in Edmonton
From Global News - August 12, 2017

Caribbean culture flowed through the streets of downtown Edmonton Saturday afternoon as the annual Great Parade made its way down Jasper Ave.

The parade is a traditional part of the annual Cariwest Festival. An Edmonton staple for more than 30 years, Cariwest allows Caribbean Canadians to share their music, food and carnival culture.

This is a historical event in Edmonton, Joseph Roberts, who is from Trinidad, said. Every year people are getting more knowledgeable about what the Caribbean culture is all about. Freedom to express yourself, and enjoy yourself.

The #Cariwest Festival is one of the great things about summer in #Yeg

Charles Burke (@Heyburke) August 12, 2017

The Cariwest Festival runs from August 11th to August 13th. It was founded by the Western Carnival Development Association, to allow Caribbean Canadians to celebrate and share their food, music and carnival culture.

Kamika is part of a Calgary-based dance troupe called Psychotic Mass, and has been coming to the event for over a decade. As a non-Caribbean Canadian who enjoys the festival, it still has a lot of meaning for her.

I wasnt even a part of this culture, and I feel like Im so indulged in it that its like my own culture now, Kamika explained. Its really just about loving, having fun, being wild on the road, and not caring what anybody thinks.


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