Kim Jong Un hosts banquet to congratulate North Korea's nuclear scientists, military

Kim Jong Un hosts banquet to congratulate North Korea's nuclear scientists, military
From Global News - September 9, 2017

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Throughout last week, South Korean officials had warned the North could launch another intercontinental ballistic missile in defiance of UN sanctions and amid an escalating standoff with the United States.

Washington told the UN Security Council on Friday to call on a meeting on Monday to vote on a draft resolution establishing additional sanctions on North Korea for its missile and nuclear program.

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To laud the nuclear scientists and other top military and party officials who contributed to the nuclear bomb test last Sunday, Kim threw a banquet, KCNA said, topped with an art performance and a photo session with the leader himself.

KCNA did not specify when the banquet had been held, but analysts said it had likely been on Saturday.

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Photos released on Sunday by KCNA showed the young leader breaking into a broad smile at the Peoples Theatre with two prominent scientists: Ri Hong Sop, head of North Koreas Nuclear Weapons Institute, and Hong Sung Mu, deputy director of the ruling Workers Party of Koreas munitions industry department.

Ri and Hong have played vital roles in the Norths nuclear program, appearing at close distance to Kim during field inspections and weapons tests, including the latest nuclear test. Ri is a former director of Yongbyon Nuclear Research Centre, North Koreas main nuclear facility north of Pyongyang, where Hong also worked as a chief engineer.

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