Woman sues Starbucks, claims hot tea burned her legs and killed her dog

Woman sues Starbucks, claims hot tea burned her legs and killed her dog
From Global News - September 13, 2017

A Denver, Colorado woman has filed a lawsuit against Starbucks alleging one of their hot beverages scalded her and her dogthe latter fatally so.

According to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Denver on Monday, Deanna Solas-Solando, 58,ordered a Venti hot tea at a Starbucks drive-thru location on Sept. 27, 2015.

Solas-Solandoalleges she did not order the tea extra-hot and that the Starbucks barista did not take the proper steps to ensure her safety.

At the time of the service, the lid of the tea was not secured onto the cup, the lawsuit, filed by Solas-Solando and her attorneys, Sean Leventhal, Jonathan Sar and Brian Pushcha alleges.

The suit further alleges that the tea did not have a hot cup sleeve and was not double-cupped.

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Solas-Solando says the unreasonably hot drink began to burn her hands almost immediately upon taking hold of it, the hot liquid spilling out of the top of the cup and causing her clothing to melt, according to the lawsuit.

Thats when Solas-Solandos dog Alexander, apparently alerted by her screaming for help and writing and moaning in pain jumped onto her lap and was himself scalded.

Alexander was taken to an emergency veterinarian hospital, the suit alleges.

Alexander ultimately succumbed to the injuries caused by the tea, dying a short time later.

Solas-Solando was taken to Rose Medical Center for treatment, and says she eventually received skin grafts from the Swedish Medical Center Burn and Reconstructive Unit after receiving second-degree burns to 2 per cent of her total body area, specifically on her thighs and stomach.

Solas-Solando is seeking in excess of $75,000 USD in damages according to her suit, alleging among other things that the Starbucks barista did not follow company policy in using a double-cup for extra-hot beverages.


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