Newlyweds cancel Italian honeymoon to find their lost parrot

From CTV - September 13, 2017

If youre walking around Winnipeg and hear the sound of a microwave or vacuum coming from a tree, you may have just found Zazu the parrot.

The beloved bird went missing on Tuesday, and Zazus owners were so distraught that they cancelled their honeymoon to Italy to stay home and search.

I think that if we went we wouldve just been miserable and we wouldve ended up coming straight home. I mean, we can go to Italy any time, Kat Dlot told CTV Winnipeg.

Zazu is an African grey parrot with a red tail and is about the size of a pigeon. The bird is known for making unusual clicking and barking sounds and enjoys imitating the sound of a microwave and vacuum.


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