B.C. Crown wants 4 years for man who made revenge site against ex-wife

B.C. Crown wants 4 years for man who made revenge site against ex-wife
From CTV - September 13, 2017

VANCOUVER -- A man who launched a revenge website to humiliate and emotionally ruin his ex-wife shows no insight into his crime and must be sentenced to four years in prison, a Crown prosecutor has argued.

Patrick Fox, 43, was found guilty by a jury in June of criminally harassing his former spouse Desiree Capuano through threatening emails and a website that maligns her as a white supremacist, drug addict and child abuser.

Crown counsel Mark Myhre told Fox's sentencing hearing in B.C. Supreme Court on Wednesday that the man is intelligent, calculated and devoted to making Capuano's life miserable.

"Just imagine that every day of your life you go about knowing that there's a person out there with that dedication," he said.

"They have done things to humiliate you, to affect your job prospects. They have told you they have plans for you that you have not even thought about. ... This person has also said they would kill you if they could get away with it."

Fox, who is representing himself in court, denied saying he would kill Capuano. He told the judge that his exact words to their teenage son were that he would shoot her if he could get away with it.

Capuano, who lives near Tucson, Ariz., was laid off from her job and struggled to find new work due to the website, Myhre said. Despite her pleas to the police, the internet hosting company and to Fox himself, the site remains online to this day, he said.

The harassment has left her feeling "isolated, beat up, powerless, frustrated," Myhre said.

"She knew in the back of her head that this man wanted her dead and insinuated to her he could do it at any time. There seemed to be nothing she could do to make it stop," he said.

"When you consider the weight of what Ms. Capuano has had to carry around every day during the period of Mr. Fox's campaign of criminal harassment, it's really quite overwhelming."

The jury also found Fox guilty of possessing firearms in a place where he was not authorized to do so, after he shipped four restricted handguns to California.


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