Did Taiwan police and paramedics leave migrant worker to die?

From BBC - September 17, 2017

Footage apparently showing police and paramedics failing to give medical treatment to a Vietnamese migrant worker, who had been fatally shot by a police officer, has prompted outrage in Taiwan.

Former factory worker Nguyen Quoc Phi, 27, was shot nine times in Hsinchu County near Taipei on 31 August, after the officer and a government worker responded to the scene of a reported car theft.

Dashcam video from the first ambulance at the scene shows a police officer telling paramedics arriving at the scene to not approach Nguyen because he had not been restrained.

They stood by for several minutes not offering the man any help. The ambulance then took away the slightly injured government worker without attending to the severely wounded man lying on the ground.

Despite his injuries, the casualty was handcuffed. A second ambulance later arrived but Nguyen was pronounced dead when he arrived at hospital.

'Excessive use of force'

Taiwan's government watchdog Control Yuan has launched an investigation into what happened amid protests by rights groups. Prosecutors have also begun an inquiry.

The dead man's father, Nguyen Quoc Dong, said: "I only have one demand: Taiwan's government should say clearly what happened and why."

Taiwan's 'slave fishermen'

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The case has sparked debate about the treatment of migrant workers in the country.

Asked why emergency crews did not help Nguyen immediately, a paramedic from the Hsinchu County Fire Bureau's San Chi substation told the BBC: "The police officer told us not to get close.

"What if [the migrant] suddenly became crazy and did something? And he had not been handcuffed, so we could not do anything."



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