Uber CEO wooing back London officials amid turmoil behind the scenes

Uber CEO wooing back London officials amid turmoil behind the scenes
From CBC - October 3, 2017

Uberis promising to make things right in London after its new global boss had a "constructive" meeting with the city's transport regulator to try to hold on to the app's operating licence in one of its main foreign markets.

Transport for London (TFL), which runs and regulates the British capital's transport system, shocked Uber last month by deeming it unfit to run a taxi service and refusing to renew its licence.

It cited the firm's approach to reporting serious criminal offences and background checks on drivers. Both TFL and Uber described Tuesday's meeting between the Silicon Valley firm's new CEODara Khosrowshahi and TFL commissioner Mike Brown as "constructive," with the dialogue set to continue.

"We hope to have further discussions over the coming weeks as we are determined to make things right in London," an Uber spokespersonsaid. "Today's constructive meeting centred on what needs to happen to ensure a thriving taxi and private hire market in London where everyone operates to the same high standards," TFLsaid in a statement.

Under appeal

Uber's licence expired on Sept. 30, but its roughly 40,000 drivers are still able to take passengers until an appeals process is exhausted, which could take several months. On Monday it was revealed thatUber's top boss in London, Jo Bertram, would be quitting in the next few weeks to take up an undisclosed new role outside the company.

Uber's British management has been criticized by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is also chair of TFL. Khan said the firm needed to spend less time hiring "an army of PR experts and an army of lawyers" and instead address issues raised by TFL. Khan, a centre-left politician from Britain's opposition Labour Party, approved Tuesday's meeting between Khosrowshahi and Brown, who is in charge of TFL's day-to-day operations.

Changes promised


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