University of Nairobi closes after violent clashes

University of Nairobi closes after violent clashes
From Al Jazeera - October 3, 2017

The University of Nairobi has closed following a series of violent clashes between the administration, students and police.

The top Kenyan university, with more than 84,000 people enrolled, announced that students had until 9am on Tuesday to leave their residence halls.

This meant students had less than 12 hours to move out. Many of them refused to leave until they got their fees back.

Students took to social media to complain about the university's closure, fearful of the consequences on their studies.

At this rate,this will be my Graduation photo when I finally graduate from University of Nairobi Med school. #MbithiMustGo

Lunatic_Journalist (@AdOketch) October 3, 2017

The closure follows the institutions vice-chancellors decision to call anti-riot police to the campus on Thursday, when students were demonstrating for the release of an imprisoned opposition politician.

Police officers clashed with students and dozens were injured, according to local media.

#UoNclosed When parents have struggled to get you to school, they walk daily to do hard jobs to keep you in school then Raila happens sad!

Sandrah Njoki (@Sandrahnk) October 3, 2017
Betty Luke (@bettyowino) October 3, 2017
Laz (@Lazooj) October 3, 2017


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