'German James Bond' Werner Mauss sentenced for tax evasion

From BBC - October 5, 2017

One of Germany's top former spies, known for his undercover work to expose criminality, has himself gained a criminal conviction.

A German court handed Werner Mauss a two-year suspended jail sentence for tax evasion and ordered him to donate 200,000 (180,000) to charity.

Mauss, nicknamed the German James Bond, was accused of hiding more than 15m ($17m, 13m) in offshore accounts.

Prosecutors had sought a jail sentence of six years and three months.

Judge Markus van den Hoevel said he had considered Mauss's "impressive life achievement" when deciding on the sentence.

Mauss, 77, says he helped thwart a plot to poison the former Pope and recovered treasures stolen from Cologne Cathedral.

His lawyers say he will appeal the sentence handed down by the court in Bochum.

Mauss's missions


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