Venezuela leader thanks hostile Trump for making him 'famous'

From Reuters - October 8, 2017

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro baited U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday by thanking him for a barrage of criticism that had made him famous worldwide.

Its an honor that the head of the empire mentions me every day, said the 54-year-old president, who is just back in Venezuela from a trip to Russia, Belarus and Turkey.

That means Im doing something right! Maduro laughed, during his weekly program on state TV.

The U.S. government, saying Venezuela has become a corrupt and repressive dictatorship, has widened individual sanctions on top officials including Maduro and also prohibited new debt dealings with Caracas.

Businessman-turned-president Trump has repeatedly criticized Maduro and his Socialist Party in public and at meetings with other heads of state.


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