IN PHOTOS: The most striking photos from the aftermath of Hurricane Nate

IN PHOTOS: The most striking photos from the aftermath of Hurricane Nate
From Global News - October 8, 2017

While HurricaneNate(now downgraded to a tropical storm) wasnt nearly as devastating as recent predecessors Harvey, Irma and Maria, many lives were lost and citizens in affected areas are still recovering from the aftermath.

Hurricane Nate killed 30 people in Central America before continuing on its path towards the U.S., though never strengthened into a Category 2 storm as forecasters had predicted.

The storm veered to the east of Plaquemines before making landfall in neighboring Mississippi.

Nate brought a burst of flooding and power outages to the U.S. Gulf Coast before weakening rapidly on Sunday, sparing the region the kind of catastrophic damage wreaked by the series of hurricanes that hit the southern U.S. and Caribbean in recent weeks.

By dawn, Nates floodwaters were quickly receding and didnt reveal any signs of significant damage in the same city where Hurricane Katrina leveled thousands of homes and businesses.

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Natethe first hurricane to make landfall in Mississippi since Katrina in 2005quickly lost power, its winds diminishing to a tropical depression as it pushed northward into Alabama and toward Georgia with heavy rain.

It was a Category 1 hurricane when it came ashore outside Biloxi early Sunday, its second landfall after initially hitting southeastern Louisiana on Saturday evening.

See below for some striking images from the storm:


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