'Why wasn't it stopped?' asks mother of Ontario inmate killed on-camera

'Why wasn't it stopped?' asks mother of Ontario inmate killed on-camera
From CBC - October 12, 2017

The mother of an Ontario inmate who was beaten to death by his cellmateunder the watchful eye of a security camera at the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre in London, Ont. wants to know why jail guards did not respond even though her son was begging for his life.

Anthony George was sentenced to life in prison on Oct 6, 2017 for the Oct 31, 2013 beating death of his cellmateAdam Kargus, who was choked, punched, kicked and stomped for over an hour while a jailhouse security camera recorded the deadly beating through the two men's shared cell window.

The video was released to CBC News by order of an Ontario judge on Wednesday after George made a surprise guilty plea to second-degree murder on the day his three-week trial was set to get underway.

Kargus' mother, Deb Abrams, has seen the video during Anthony George's pre-trialhearings.

"Horrific, horrific evidence," she said. "I have seen where his bloody body was being dragged to the showers, what are the guards doing?"

Throughout the video George can be seen through the window into the cell administering the deadly beating to Kargus and throughout the hour long violence spree the jail guards did not respond, even though other inmates can clearly be seen at their cell windows trying to alert the guards to what was going on.

The security cameras then show jail guards opening the cells on the range the next morning and Anthony George dragging Kargus' body wrapped in a bloody sheet to a nearby common shower area.

All told, Abrams said her son was dead for 12 hours before jail guards noticed.

'I would probably not have believed it was my son'

"He was beaten beyond recognition, they did not know who it was," she said, noting a piece of fabric was covering her son's face when she was asked to identify his body in the jail's shower area.

"Probably was not much of a face left, so I would probably not have believed it was my son, except that this hand had red skull side view, just the outline tattoonot coloured in, and then I knew it was him."

"He was begging for his life, begging, and other inmates were begging 'help Adam, pleasehelp Adam,'" Abrams said. "Everybody heard him."

"Inmates on the level below said to the guard he'd been beaten, that somebody is getting beat, somebody's getting murdered up there, and they ignored him," she said.

While Abrams has heard from police investigators, provincial jail guards and even inmates, nothing prepared her for actually watching the video that shows her son die.

"To see it, it's very heart wrenching, it just makes you question more why, why was not it stopped."

Jail overcrowded, understaffed and poorly designed

"What will it take to clean this place up? People have said 'will it take another death?' Well, that was seven or eight deaths ago." - Kevin Egan


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