Montreal actress Erika Rosenbaum says Harvey Weinstein harassed, assaulted her

Montreal actress Erika Rosenbaum says Harvey Weinstein harassed, assaulted her
From CBC - October 12, 2017

A Montreal actress is adding her voice to thoseaccusing disgraced Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexualharassment and assault.

Erika Rosenbaum, 37, said there were three separate instances nearly 15 years agowhere Weinstein aggressively came on to her.

In the worst case, she accuses him of grabbing her by the neck in front of a mirror while masturbating behind her.

"He did that while looking me right in the eye," she said.

Rosenbaum said she met Weinstein at a party in Los Angeles in her early 20s. Afterward, they booked a meeting to discuss her career. But the meeting's location was changed to a hotel at the last minute, she said, and when she arrived, Weinstein'stone shifted.

"I suddenly found myself fending him off, as though we were on a first date and he was making unwanted advances," Rosenbaumtold CBC News on Thursday night.

She said she was trying to avoid embarrassing or angering him, because she was aware his negative opinion could sink her career. She said she protested, but he persuaded her to give him a massage.

"In a surreal scene from a bad movie, I massaged his back and then he let me go. I walked away confused and ashamed," she said.

Allegations pile up

The former co-chair of The Weinstein Companynow faces numerous allegations of sexual harassment and abuse, including three women who say he rapedthem.

The allegations, which go back decades and involve both actresses and employees, are detailed in exposs published inThe New Yorker magazine and the New York Times.

Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the actresses who allegeWeinstein made unwanted advances againstthem.

Since the New York Times published an investigation last week, more than 30 women have made similar allegations.

Weinstein, through a spokesperson, has denied any non-consensual sexual conduct with any women.

Hewas fired from TheWeinsteinCompany on Sunday.

'I was afraid of him'

First time speaking out


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