Canada won't be provoked to walk out on NAFTA talks by aggressive U.S. proposals

Canada won't be provoked to walk out on NAFTA talks by aggressive U.S. proposals
From CBC - October 13, 2017

No matter how difficult talks get, or how extreme the American proposals are, Canada has no plans to walk out during this round of NAFTA talks.

Mexico's president also indicated after his meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Mexico City Thursday that his country will sit through this round of discussions, even though all sides expect tensions to rise.

American negotiators will present their most divisive NAFTA proposals this week, as representatives from the U.S., Canadaand Mexico meet for the fourth round of talks, in Arlington, Va.

The U.S. will introduceits most protectionist demands yet, including changes to the rules around auto production to boost American content requirements, more access to thedairy marketin Canada, anda sunset clause that would require all countries to recommit to NAFTA every five years.

These are proposals that Canada and Mexico have described as non-starters, and analysts had suggested they could trigger a theatrical walkout.

But a source close to the negotiating tabledownplayed that suggestion, saying negotiators are prepared to sit at the table through anythingat this point.

Following his meeting with President Enrique Pena NietoThursday, Trudeau told reporters Canada remains committed to the talks.

"We will continue to take seriously the work we do and we will not be walking away from the table based on proposals put forward,"Trudeausaid. "We will discuss those proposals, we will counter those proposals, and we will take seriously these negotiations."

U.S. negotiating in earnest


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