EU force helps Bosnian agencies fight terrorists in NATO-backed drill

From Reuters - October 13, 2017

SARAJEVO (Reuters) - A military helicopter lands to evacuate people wounded during a police raid against terrorists who took hostages at Sarajevo airport - part of the first joint drill by the EU peacekeeping force (EUFOR) in Bosnia and local army and police.

In the exercise, part of the drill dubbed Quick Response 2017, Sarajevo is hit by severe flooding, and EUFOR flies in to help the population. There are also protests across the country and a risk of terrorist groups linked to organized crime rings smuggling arms and fake documents.

This was a realistic exercise and an opportunity to demonstrate that we have capacities, power and determination to quickly and efficiently respond to any security threat, said Bosnias Security Minister Dragan Mektic.

More than 20 years since the end of its war in the 1990s, Bosnia is still troubled by ethnic politicking and external influences. While separatist aspirations by the Bosnian Serb and Croat nationalists grow stronger, there is also a threat of radicalization among traditionally moderate Bosnian Muslims.


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