Boris Johnson to visit Moscow as part of 'robust' dialogue'

From BBC - October 13, 2017

Boris Johnson is to visit Moscow later this year as part of efforts to build a more constructive dialogue with Russia on global security issues.

The foreign secretary has been invited by his counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

Items on the agenda are likely to include North Korea, Iran and security for next year's football World Cup.

The Foreign Office said the UK had "deep differences" with Russia but the visit was part of a policy of "sustained and robust engagement".

Mr Johnson was due to visit Moscow in April, but the trip was cancelled following a deadly chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town in Syria.

Face-to-face diplomacy

The atrocity was blamed on President Assad's regime, which is backed by the Russians, although the Syrian government has denied using nerve gas.

The attack prompted a military response from the US, which bombed a Syrian air base it suspected of storing chemical weapons.


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