Brexit: Ministers to publish post-EU trade legislation

From BBC - November 6, 2017

Details of the government's post-Brexit trade policy will become clearer as it publishes proposed legislation.

Ministers say their Trade Bill includes provisions for the UK to implement existing EU trade agreements and help ensure firms can still access 1.3 tn worth of foreign government contracts.

It will also create a new trade remedies body to defend UK businesses against injurious trade practices.

The UK cannot sign or negotiate trade deals until it leaves in March 2019.

However, ministers say they can "scope" out future deals with key trade partners, such as the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The trade bill, one of nine pieces of new legislation in the pipeline to prepare the ground for Brexit, will be published on Tuesday although it will not be debated by MPs until a later date.

On the eve of the bill's publication, one of Donald Trump's leading allies said he was optimistic that the UK and US will sign a free trade deal after Brexit.


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