Indonesia governor cracks down on bloody dog-boar fights

From Reuters - November 7, 2017

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Authorities in Indonesias West Java province have called a halt to contests pitting dogs against wild boars, following media coverage of the bloody spectacle and pressure by animal rights activists, the provincial governors spokesman said on Tuesday.

Last month, Reuters reported that cash prizes of up to $2,000 were being given to dogs victorious in the fights, which villagers call adu bagong, or boar fighting.

Owners of participating animals said they saw the fights as a way to preserve a regional tradition, besides testing the agility and hunting abilities of the dogs.

Not all traditions that we have are good, said Ade Sukalsah, a spokesman for provincial governor Ahmad Heryawan. If a tradition has a bad influence and impact on peoples lives, the tradition must be eliminated or forgotten.

Heryawans decision to halt the fights was based on Indonesian criminal law provisions against the torture of animals, he added.


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