From the Clinton campaign to the Trump White House

From Al Jazeera - November 8, 2017

I remember the moment the 2016 presidential results started coming in.

I was standing outside Hillary Clinton'selection night victory party headquarters. It was chilly out.

Still, hundreds of people were gathering outside the Javits Center in New York City. There were food trucks and entertainment, and a carnival-like atmosphere.

People were celebrating what they believed would be Clinton's imminent win.

As I stood amid the merriment, I remember vividly, my producer's voice in my earpiece.

He was in our main newsroom in Doha, reading the first election return results.

"Trump's in the lead," he told me, "significantly".

I snapped back: "Uh, I think you mixed the results up."

He answered firmly, his British accent sounding even more pronounced than usual, "Kimberly, I did not. Trump's in the lead."

From that moment, the story of covering next US president shifted - in ways I could have never imagined.

It's still an historic presidency, just not the one I expected.

Trump's mood affects everyone - even reporters

In contrast to Hillary Clinton's carefully scripted and distant interactions with the media on the campaign trail, covering Donald Trump's White House is edgy and unpredictable.

Trump's first press secretary, Sean Spicer, has been replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Her southern sensibilities are a contrast to Spicer's heated temper that dominated the early media briefings.

But, so far, no one has been able to tone down the similar brashness from the president.


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