US administration publishes new Cuba travel restrictions

From BBC - November 8, 2017

The US administration has published a series of measures increasing limits on Americans' dealings with Cuba.

The package includes a blacklist of state-owned companies and entities, including shops and hotels.

Most US citizens travelling to the island will now have to go as part of organised tour groups.

The measures come as part of a partial rollback of ex-president Barack Obama's policy of engagement with Cuba, as announced by President Trump in June.

Officials have denied that any of these steps are related to the recent acoustic incidents, defined as "health attacks" by the state department against its officials in Havana.

Nevertheless, says BBC Mexico and Central America correspondent Will Grant, the bilateral relationship has now slumped to its lowest point since the George W Bush presidency.

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin laid out the new rules, which will take effect on Thursday.


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