Secret settlement reached in feud between Liberals, ex-MP

Secret settlement reached in feud between Liberals, ex-MP
From CBC - November 10, 2017

A long-runninglegal feud, between two former high-profile Liberals and both the prime minister andCanada's ambassador to the U.S., has ended with a secret settlement.

The Liberals issued a statement on Friday saying the lawsuit brought by TonyIanno, a former Liberal MP, and his wifeChristineInnesclaiming defamation has been settled "by mutual agreement of the parties."

"TheLiberalParty of Canada acknowledges the many years of public service and deep and valued contribution that Ms.Innesand the Honourable TonyIannohave made to public affairs and the people of Canada," the statement reads.

"TheLiberalParty of Canada regrets the circumstances that led to this lawsuit. The parties are pleased to have resolved this litigation and will not be making further comment."

The partiesagreed to keepterms of the settlement confidential, the release said.

Ianno, a former junior minister in then-Prime Minister Paul Martin's cabinet, joined the defamation suit launched byInnesafter she was barred from running for the Liberals in a byelectionfor the former Toronto-area riding of TrinitySpadina,and prohibited from seeking any Liberal nomination for the 2015 general election.

Innes hadfiled the April 2014 suit against Justin Trudeau, then the Liberal party leader,and MacNaughton, who was the co-chair of his Ontario campaign team, claiming $1.5 million in damages to her reputation.

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