MP to submit 'unwanted attention' letters

From BBC - November 10, 2017

Labour's Kerry McCarthy is to submit letters to the party which she says show she received "unwanted attention" from a fellow MP, the BBC understands.

The member for Bristol East claims she was sent "upsetting" correspondence from Kelvin Hopkins, the MP for Luton North, over a period of about 20 years.

Mr Hopkins 76, said the complaint had caused him "unbearable" stress.

He is currently suspended from the party in connection with a separate allegation, which he denies.

Ms McCarthy, 52, a former shadow environment secretary, will hand the file to Labour party officials on Monday, the BBC has learned.

She alleges Mr Hopkins sent her a series of letters and cards commenting on her appearance, including one in which he described having a dream about her.

The former Labour frontbencher said she believed Mr Hopkins, who urged her in two of the notes to "dispose" of them, knew his actions were wrong.

"I never responded in any way, I never gave him any encouragement in any way, I tried to keep my distance as much as possible," she said.

"I absolutely believe he knew this behaviour was unacceptable. It made me feel uncomfortable in his presence and was quite upsetting."

In a statement, Mr Hopkins said her complaint had caused him "immense personal hurt and utter dismay" from someone her regarded as a friend.


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