Police chief 'was told of Damian Green pornography claims'

From BBC - November 11, 2017

A former Scotland Yard chief was aware pornography had allegedly been found on Damian Green's computer during a 2008-9 police probe, he has told the BBC.

Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner between 2009-11, said he was briefed about the claims but regarded them as a "side issue".

The allegations were first made public last week by former Met Assistant Commissioner, Bob Quick.

First Secretary of State Mr Green said the claims were a "political smear".

Mr Green, who is Prime Minister Theresa May's second-in-command, said the police never told him at the time that any improper material had been found on a parliamentary computer.

But Mr Quick, who led the investigation into Home Office leaks which saw Mr Green's Commons office being searched, says pornography was found on a computer there.


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