EU preparing for possible collapse of Brexit talks - Barnier

EU preparing for possible collapse of Brexit talks - Barnier
From BBC - November 12, 2017

The EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, says he is planning for the possible collapse of Brexit negotiations with the UK.

Mr Barnier was talking to French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche days after giving the UK a two-week deadline to clarify key issues.

Failing to reach an agreement was not his preferred option, he stressed.

The UK's Brexit Secretary David Davis has said it is time for both sides "to work to find solutions".

On Friday, Mr Davis insisted good progress was being made across the board, and that the negotiations had narrowed to a "few outstanding, albeit important, issues".

Discussing the likelihood of the talks collapsing, Mr Barnier said: "It's not my option, but it's a possibility. Everyone needs to plan for it, member states and businesses alike. We too are preparing for it technically.

"A failure of the negotiations would have consequences on multiple domains."

Mr Barnier has asked the UK to clarify its stance on its financial obligations to the EU if future trade talks are to go ahead in December.


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