Donald Trump Jr releases Twitter exchanges with Wikileaks

From BBC - November 14, 2017

Donald Trump Jr has released private Twitter correspondence with anti-secrecy website Wikileaks after a US magazine revealed they had communicated shortly before his father's election.

The Atlantic magazine revealed the organisation had asked Mr Trump Jr for co-operation and information.

The group published leaks of Clinton campaign emails during the election.

Mr Trump Jr's lawyers handed the Twitter direct messages to congressional investigators.

The congressional inquiry is one of several looking into allegations of Russian collusion and meddling in the US election.

The largely one-sided transcripts show the president's eldest son replied only a few times to a series of requests from Wikileaks.

In a series of Monday night tweets, Mr Trump Jr played down his contact with the group, referring to his "whopping 3 responses" which he said one of the congressional committees "has chosen to selectively leak.How ironic!".

Messages show Wikileaks appeared to have first contacted Mr Trump Jr on 20 September, asking if he knew the origin of an anti-Trump website.

He replied the next day saying: "Off the record I do not know who that is, but I will ask around. Thanks."


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