Homer Simpson hapless dad stereotype 'bad for men'

Homer Simpson hapless dad stereotype 'bad for men'
From BBC - November 14, 2017

Male victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and unequal pay are often neglected, an MP has said.

Speaking during an International Men's Day debate, Philip Davies said he was "often pilloried for arguing that men and women should be treated equally".

He added: "Men are increasingly getting a bad press, and it needs to be challenged."

During the debate MPs heard that things like the "Homer Simpson stereotype" had undermined the role of fathers.

International Men's Day takes place on 19 November and addresses issues including shorter life expectancy and higher suicide rates among men.

Mr Davies told the debate in Westminster Hall: "In many cases, militant feminists have tried to close down any talk about men and women being treated equally.

"In order to try and close down the debate they hurl abuse at the people who raise these issues in the hope that people will not listen any more to what they say."

He added: "Some people have said that every day is men's day but I think that if anyone looks at the facts that is certainly not the case."

Deputy Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said men and women should "join forces" to tackle gender inequality.

She added that from a young age, boys grow up thinking it is their job to be the breadwinner.

"The flipside of having roles such as breadwinner and so on is how we value men's role as fathers in our society, because that incredibly important role has often been dismissed and undermined.

"Look at some of the stereotypes in popular culture, such as the Homer Simpson stereotype of dads being a bit hapless and not up to the job. Men are just as capable as women at being parents."


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