Duterte tells leaders to 'lay off' after Trudeau raises human rights in Philippines

Duterte tells leaders to 'lay off' after Trudeau raises human rights in Philippines
From CBC - November 14, 2017

The president of Philippines had made clear he's no fan of Justin Trudeau, telling a crowd he felt personally insulted after the Canadian prime minister raised human-rights concerns and the bloody drug war in the southeast Asian country.

Human rights activists have urged President Rodrigo Duterte to end his crusade against alleged drug dealers and addicts that groups say has left at least 7,000 dead.

Duterte has said all such killings are legal acts of self-defence by policeor have been carried out by "vigilantes" with no ties to the presidentand he has vowed to continue the anti-drug campaign until the end of his presidential term in 2022.

Duterte maintains tough police actioneliminating crime by eliminating criminalsis necessary to restore order in a country that has seen a surge in drug-related violence.

Trudeau said he told Duterte about the need for the rule of law in the Philippinesand offered to help the country move forward.

Speaking to reporters in Manila at the end of theAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, Trudeau described the talks as "cordial."

Duterte had a different interpretation.

"I said, 'I will not explain.' It is apersonal and official insult," said the Philippines president recalling his conversation with Trudeau.

"It angers me when you are a foreigner you do not know exactly what is happening in this country. You do not investigate."

During a closing press conferenceDutertecontinued to come back to the issue of "foreigners."

Trump raised human rights


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