5 Quebecers receive National Assembly Medal of Honour

5 Quebecers receive National Assembly Medal of Honour
From Global News - November 14, 2017

Five exceptional and well-known Quebecers were awarded the National Assembly Medal of Honour Tuesday.

The award dates back to 2001 and recipients are chosen by MNAs:

Alexandre Bilodeau

The gold-medal Olympic skier says his determination and motivation comes from his brother, who lives with cerebral palsy.

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He has supported various charitable causes throughout the years, including theQuebec Special Olympics.

Jean-Marie de Koninck

A math professor for over 40 years at Laval University, Jean-Marie de Koninck is also known for founding Opration Nez Rouge.

He now sits on the board of directors for Quebecs auto insurance crown corp and is the author of numerous books and scientific articles.

Ginette Reno


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