Moncton medical marijuana dispensaries vow to serve patients regardless of RCMP threat

Moncton medical marijuana dispensaries vow to serve patients regardless of RCMP threat
From Global News - November 14, 2017

Some Moncton medical marijuana dispensaries facing potential criminal charges if they dont shut down say they will continue to serve their customers.

We want to make sure that our patients are provided safe, dignified access (to marijuana) whatever the repercussions would be, said Jordan Johnson, who manages Tasty Budds medicinal marijuana dispensary in Riverview, N.B.

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His was one of several dispensaries issued a letter last Friday by RCMP giving him 14 days to shut down or face possible criminal charges.

As a member of agroup called the International Alliance for Cannabis of Canada, he met with his colleagues in Moncton on Tuesday to plan their next move.

The group says they want to work with government to open the door for dispensaries to become regulated distributors of medical cannabis, as opposed to the product used for recreational use.

The medical dispensaries are strictly trying to provide people direct and dignified and safe access to their medication. We dont deal with recreational. We dont deal with children. It is 19 and up. We ID every body, Johnson said.

At least three of Monctons medical marijuana dispensaries including Tasty Budds, Nova Meds and Green Cross Medical say they will continue to serve their patients despite threats of being arrested by RCMP.

Stephen Fenety, who represents Green Shield Medical, acknowledges they are operating illegally and outside of Health Canada regulations. He has shut down his operation in the meantime, until he consults a lawyer.

But the group says they are operating legitimate businesses, and the province has been more than willing to accept their tax dollars.


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