N.S. dog has new shot at life thanks to furry donor friend

From CTV - November 14, 2017

Thanks to social media, the generosity of strangers and a little bit of luck, a Nova Scotia dog has a second shot at life.

Marianne Britney said she knew something wasnt right with her four-year-old dog, Ted, when she came home one day and he didnt jump up to greet her.

He was very lethargic, nothing moving at all, didnt want to eat. And I knew something was wrong immediately because normally Ted just runs around like a deer, Britney told CTV Atlantic.

She brought Ted to a local animal clinic, where veterinarian Kelsey Harding delivered the news: Teds red blood cells were so low that it was hindering his bodys ability to carry oxygen.

At that point we needed to look at a transfusion, Harding said.

But the clinics supply of blood wasnt a match. Desperate for help, Britney turned to a Facebook group for Bernese Mountain dog owners in the province.

Ted has taken a turn for the worse. He needs a transfusion now, she wrote in the post. Please, if anyone can donate call the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic in Dartmouth.

Britney said she considered her efforts a long shot. But the messages started pouring in, and she quickly had five dog owners volunteering to get their pets tested for a match.

I just couldnt believe it. There were a lot of tears, she said.


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