Ex-boyfriend on trial for murder told police missing woman might be on a bender, jurors hear

Ex-boyfriend on trial for murder told police missing woman might be on a bender, jurors hear
From CBC - November 14, 2017

Kevin Rubletz was not yet a suspect in his former girlfriend's disappearance when hesat at a dining room table with three Calgary police officers and painted her as a party girl who may have simply gone ona days-long drinking binge.

Based on information thatRubletzwas the last person to see Newman, missing persons investigator Sgt. Matt Bakerhad arranged to meet with him at his girlfriend's home in Woodbine on March 14, 2015.

"He was very calm, polite," Baker testified Tuesday. "Willing to give a statement."

The audio recording of that first police interview was played for jurors on Day 6 ofRubletz'ssecond-degree murder trial.

In a second police interview two days later, jurors heardRubletz'sstory had changed. He added a detail: the night she disappeared, he had driven to the same area where Newman's body would eventually be found two months later.

On the first recording, the former couple's son can be heard in the background as police officers question the boy's fatherabout his final interaction with Newman.

Rubletzwas the last person to seehis on-again, off-again girlfriend on March 10, 2015. He said he picked her up from work and had taken her for a coffee around 9p.m. The pair talked about their court hearing set for the following day when Newman was planning to apply for 50 per cent custody of the son they shared.

Rubletz, 33, told Baker he then dropped her at home about 30 minutes later before driving to his own house.

When the young mother failed to show up at court, Rubletz told police he texted her "where the hell are you?" but received no reply. He told Baker he had not worried about her because he thought she might be on a bender.

"I figured she might have just gone out drinking,"Rubletztold the officers. "She does not remember what she does, she flirts."

Rubletz'svan found in scrap yard

Newman's body was found in a rural ditch north of the city two months after she disappeared. She'd been stabbed 75 times. Jurors heard evidence that her DNA was found inRubletz'svan, where the evidence will show a "bloodletting event" took place.

Last week, jurors saw affectionate text messagesexchanged between the two in the months, weeks and days before her disappearance.

According to the prosecution's theory, Newman's death was a "crime of passion" that took place the night of March 10, 2015. Prosecutors Shane Parker and Tom Spark say evidence will showRubletzkilled Newman in his van and then dumped her body north of Calgary.

After Newman's body was discovered in May 2015 in a ditch near Balzac, Rubletz's grandmother, mother and stepfather took the van to a scrap yard,but police were able to intercept it and run tests, jurors have heard.

Rubletz's sister to testify


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