China says Catalonia situation shows Taiwan independence effort doomed to fail

From Reuters - November 14, 2017

BEIJING (Reuters) - The failure of Catalonias effort to declare independence shows that Taiwan independence is also doomed to fail as national unity is paramount for all countries, a Chinese official said on Wednesday.

China takes a dim view of independence or secessionist movements around the world, while saying it adheres to a policy of non-interference in other nations internal affairs. Beijing has said it opposes any actions to split Spain.

Last month Madrid assumed direct rule over Catalonia after the Spanish prime minister sacked the regions secessionist government which had declared independence from Spain following an attempted referendum.

The issue is particularly sensitive for China because of the status of self-ruled and democratic Taiwan, claimed by China as its inherent territory, but where many people would like to proclaim formal independence, a red line for Beijing.

The failure of Catalonias independence bid was a good thing, said Ma Xiaoguang, the spokesman of Chinas policy-making Taiwan Affairs Office.

The failure of the Catalonia referendum fully shows that protecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity is a paramount national interest for east or west, Ma told a regular news briefing. So Taiwan independence is doomed to failure.


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