Brexit: Irish PM expects new UK text on border in 24 hours

From BBC - December 7, 2017

The Irish prime minister has said the UK government plans to suggest a new wording for a Brexit deal on the Irish border within the next 24 hours.

Leo Varadkar told a news conference he had spoken by phone to British PM Theresa May on Wednesday.

"She wants to come back to us with some text tonight and tomorrow," he said.

On Monday, the UK and EU failed to strike a deal in Brexit talks when the DUP objected to the wording of a text on the future operation of the border.

Mr Varadkar said that during Wednesday's phone call, he indicated his "willingness to consider any proposals that the UK side have".

"Ultimately, it is up to them to come back to us, given the events that happened on Monday."

'Absolute red line'

He added: "I want to move things forward as well.

"I want us to move to phase two, if that is possible, next week but the absolute red line that has been there for some time remains. and it's been there since the day of the referendum and even before.

"My responsibility as taoiseach - as prime minister of Ireland - is to protect our fundamental national interest and that is the rights of Irish citizens in Ireland and Britain and also the avoidance of a return to a border between Northern Ireland and Ireland."


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