Jerusalem will never be the capital of a settler colony

Jerusalem will never be the capital of a settler colony
From Al Jazeera - December 7, 2017

If you want to understand the psychopathology at the root of the Zionist psychosis, you must go to the heart of their delusion, like an analyst placing a mentally sick person on a couch - and today there is no better place to see that psychotic colonial fixation at work than in an article,titled,Of Course Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital, published (where else?) in the New York Times just hours before Donald Trump's announcement that in his august moronic opinion, "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel".

The fanatical Zionists' delusional orotundity begins with the proposal that "there was a temple on that site for nearly 1,000 years before the Roman destruction. That would mean that for about 3,000 years, Jerusalem has been the center of the Jewish people." That is the oldest and silliest trick in the Zionist bag: take a truism - a mere fragment of the whole truth - and flip it to your advantage. Not so fast, mister!

The deliberate dilettantism of the Zionists into Middle East history is threadbare folly. Christians and Muslims, too, trace their archaeological history to thousands of years ago in the selfsame Palestine. That does not entitle them to declare a Christian or Islamic republic in Palestine. The idea of a "Jewish state" in Palestine is as fraudulent as the proposition of a Christian Empire or an Islamic Republic in Palestine. Palestine was also ruled by Persian and Roman empires, but that does not entitle Italy or Iran to come and lay a claim on Palestine. We might as well send Berlusconi and Ahmadinejad to a ring to fight their claims over Palestine - the winner will take on Netanyahu. The problem with these Zionists is how utterly indifferent to their own stupidity they seem to be.

From falsehood to falsehood

From this false premise, these charlatans then jump to an even more false conclusion: "Then the Jews came back," they say in this violent fantasy, and "in the 19th century, Jews began building neighbourhoods and settling outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City."

Jews going to Palestine or even living in Palestine out of their religious convictions or simply as their joint homeland with Christians and Muslims throughout the centuries has absolutely nothing to do with the adventurous European Zionist project of colonising Palestine. These are two vastly different facts that the Zionist "armed robbers" deliberately conflate in order to wed their nefarious theft of Palestine with Jewish history as the modus operandi of their non-existent legitimacy.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims will continue to live in Palestine for generations after Zionism has ended up where all other imperial and colonial conquests of Palestine have ended: in the dustbin of history.

That definitive Israeli mountebanking, consistently conflating Jews with Zionists, remains definitive to their juvenile trickeries. But the fact stares them down: Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Zionists are Jews. Christian Zionists are the most fanatical of all Zionists. Muslim Zionists are now led by the Saudi crown prince in the Muslim heartland and the Emirati ambassador in Washington, DC. That should also put an end to the nonsensical charge of antisemitism brought against those who legitimately criticise the Israeli settler colony. Again: Not all Jews are Zionists, not all Zionists are Jews, and the only people scared of being called "anti-Semites" are the anti-Semites.

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