Driving hungover can be as dangerous as driving drunk: Edmonton police

Driving hungover can be as dangerous as driving drunk: Edmonton police
From Global News - December 7, 2017

Driving the morning after a night of drinking can be just as dangerous and getting behind the wheel impaired. Thats the warning from Edmonton police as we head into the holiday season.

Its quite common for us to intercept drivers the morning after who are impaired and fail a roadside screening device, Sgt. Robert Davis with the Edmonton Police Services Impaired Driving Unit said.

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It takes the average person about two hours to metabolize one drink, police said Thursday. But if a person continues to drink, alcohol will stay in a persons system until it is processed.

Police said it can take over six hours for your body to get rid of the alcohol if youre over the legal limit, but drivers can show signs of hangover impairment up to 20 hours after consuming alcohol.

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Sleeping it off wont help, officers said, nor will vomiting, drinking coffee, taking vitamins or having a shower.

The only thing that will lower your blood alcohol content and sober you up is time, Davis said. If youre out partying, trying to figure out how much you drank, its best to avoid driving altogether.


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