Alabama election: Trump says Senate loss proves him right

Alabama election: Trump says Senate loss proves him right
From BBC - December 13, 2017

US President Donald Trump has distanced himself from Roy Moore after the Republican suffered a historic defeat for the party in conservative Alabama.

The victory for Democrat Doug Jones narrows the Republican majority in the Senate to 51-49, which could complicate Mr Trump's legislative plans.

Mr Moore's campaign was rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct made by several women, which he denied.

Mr Jones is the first Democrat to win a US Senate seat for Alabama in 25 years.

Despite top Republicans deserting ultra-conservative Mr Moore amid claims of child molestation, the US president had offered his full endorsement.

In his first reaction on Twitter, Mr Trump congratulated the Democratic victor Mr Jones.

But he went on to remind his followers that he initially supported Mr Moore's mainstream Republican opponent, Luther Strange, in the party's primary election.

He added "if last night's election proved anything, it proved that we need to put up GREAT Republican candidates to increase the razor thin margins in both the House and Senate".

The Alabama seat was made vacant by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this year.

A flawed candidate - or an anti-Trump wave?

Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington

Alabama will have a Democrat in the US Senate.

It's an outcome that seemed all but impossible a year ago and still seemed unlikely even as voters headed to the polls on Tuesday.

The ramifications of this unexpected victory are clear.

The Republican majority in the Senate will narrow, considerably improving the chances Democrats could gain control of the chamber in the 2018 mid-term elections.

How did the race unfold?

Women voters helped Mr Jones to victory

Black voters overwhelmingly picked Mr Jones

What effect will the election have on the Senate?


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